The importance of a runway model coach in the fashion industry.

A Runway Model Coach can be critical for a Fashion Designer to help enhance the designer’s theme during the creation of their projects.


The runway model coach can help the designers envision their idea as it will appear on the platform and provide insight to the overall fashion collection in this regard. It is essential that a fashion designer and runway model coach work in tandem, just as composers, lyricists and artists collaborate as a team, working together to create a hit record or craft a Musical for maximum impact when introduced to the public.

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The Producer – Fashion Designer – Makeup Artist – The Runway Model Coach

Based on my experience as a theatrical actor, a fashion designer and makeup artist as well as the runway model coach should work together to refine projects and create fashion that comes alive when presented on the runway during a fashion show. Fashion designers can utilize the skill and experience of a runway model coach to help assist models as they prepare to introduce the designer’s garments to the fashion industry and the public for each upcoming season’s fashion.

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Modeling and coaching are key in any fashion show event to ensure a fashion designer’s ideas are introduced with a style and personality tailored to capture the desires and needs of the intended market.


A runway model coach helps influence the industry and public acceptance of the designer’s new collections, helping to create a demand through presentation on the runway of a fashion show. By helping bridge the gap between the designer’s concept and the way it is presented by the models on the show, a runway model coach provides refinement that would otherwise not be included in the presentation. I want to point out as a runway model coach with more than 18 years of experience on stage training models during fashion weeks: “Not a single garment is proved to be fashionable without proper modeling.”


The presentation of a new collection in a fashion show must include consideration for the runway setup, music, lights and how the garments will appear and flow when presented by the models. I believe the experience of runway model coach is critical to a successful presentation making it important for designers to utilize their talent, experience and insight to ensure the most impact and success when planning and presenting their collections.

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Fashion Designers & Producers, I want to offer my services as a fashion stylist and runway model coach by providing techniques and tips to your models as well as coordinate your presentations. I believe I can help you by alleviating the stress on staging your productions, in exchange for the opportunity of working with you. Contact me! @djesustrujillo

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