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 DJesus Trujillo –  has began conducting professional modeling workshop since 1999. His origins are rooted in Mexico, and for over 20 years He has been enhancing his program which focuses on developing the finishing and charm of individuals that are interested in becoming Professional Models.


His curriculum program has helped many women and men achieve, both their personal and professional goals. His background and understanding of the modeling industry in USA, Latin America, and Europe make his exceptionally qualified to provide the training and guidance for emerging fashion talent, and people interested in Modeling and Image Enhancement to excel in the fashion industry.


DJesus Trujillo has been coaching models for runway fashion shows, image enhanced for TV commercial productions and printing advertising for magazines, as well as working with leading theatrical companies in where he developed a stunning career highlighting his unique and unabashed fashion stylist touch.


Worldwide  Fashion Director

 In 2012 he took his stunning talent as model runway coach and fashion stylist to support the emerging fashion talent and costume designers from community colleges in California in most events presented to producers in Hollywood, CA and during Los Angeles, Miami and New York fashion week as well as others in Europe, to present.

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Raquel Pomplun Playmate 2013 getting some tips from DJesus 

DJesus Trujillo,  Lifestyle and Model Coach most popular among fashion industry in Los Angeles and New York City, CEO/Founder of "Traditional Indigenous Fashion International Showcase" is now in the final stage of creating a brand-new body of work in Los Angeles called "Fashion NetClub Popup & Meetup" that will be presented later this year. Stay tuned for more details!

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